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About Us

Shubhodaya Foundation’ is one of the best Gaushala of desi cows in India. We protect, feed & shelter desi Gir cows. All of these cows are healthy and very happy. Because this gaushala is run and managed by saints. We started with just 11 cows in the year 2013 in Ahmedabad and presently we shelter and feed more than 300 cows.

Indian food, agriculture, health, hygiene, & environment
have been largely dependent on cows for thousands of years.
Let’s contribute towards society to fulfil its basic needs from cows.

You can make a donation for the welfare of cows or adopt a cow, and earn holy blessings.


Our gaushala is home to pure desi cows. Along with Gauseva,
we also educate society about the urgent need for cow protection (Go-Raksha).

Medical Support

We provide all kinds of medical support to cows. As we ensure
that our holy cows are fully vaccinated and are also medicated on time.

Nutritional & Calving Care

We make sure that cows and other animals in need have a
healthy food intake, which is inclusive of all
nutrients. This ensures that our cows live a
healthy life.

Unique Identification

We have placed RFID tags on cows, which helps us to identify
each cow and keep updating its medical history such as the vaccination status.

Adoption & Donation

Now you can adopt a cow and donate on a
monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for their
welfare. By doing such good, you will be
earning the holy blessings.

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This Organization is Committed Towards

Cow by Doing the Following Activities